Just for Developers: Why “Get it on Uptodown” is a good thing

Some developers still believe that advertising and posting links ONLY to Google Play on their website is the best strategy. I’ve seen full-blown SEOs doing this recently, even in their blogs, limiting their links to GPlay. They are most likely making the mistake of thinking that they’ll generate more downloads and rank higher on Google Play if they focus on only one market; or they have a short-term way of thinking that doesn’t differentiate them from their competitors.

Iwant to share a few of the benefits of adding a web portal like Uptodown to your list of mirrors or sites to download your App, in our experience.

– The most obvious advantage: From day one, you gain access to more than 60 million users that use our platform every month.

– You’ll reach users that can’t use Google Play services, makers of device that don’t use Google Play, and countries that Google doesn’t serve (believe me, there are more than you’d think).

– The power of our links will bolster your position in Google searches (currently 30% of Apps are found in search engines). Yes, combining your ASO strategy with SEO packs a huge punch.

– It will help you compete with other developers that limit themselves to using only Google Play, with greater distribution and as a springboard to generate more installments in Google Play in the medium term. This is the biggest mistake in my opinion. Believe me, promoting your link on Uptodown will generate more downloads in GPlay indirectly (for the brand, the content, and your visibility in other areas).

– Our editors test and write an analysis about your application, generating quality content about your App. Uptodown filters the content and only publishes the most useful apps for users. Often, little attention is paid to the fact that content on GPlay is neglected and lacks participation from editors.

– Standing out in a market of 100,000 applications (even high quality ones) is easier than getting noticed as one of 2,000,000, full of uncontrolled spam. We have more than 2 million APKs indexed to update applications — even though we don’t publish them — and believe me; it’s amazing what they let slip into Google Play.

– Our agreement with Virustotal guarantees that your applications, like the rest in our catalog are free of threats. We notify you otherwise. EVERY day, we pass more than 50 antiviruses through every APK.

– You can automatically distribute your updates to all users of the Uptodown app, without waiting for Google Play and with more flexible and transparent policies.

– You’re in control. You have access to statistics and the following of your app in the developer panel on Uptodown.

– Well-known developers trust us, like Twitter, Facebook, King, and SuperCell. We insist that our catalog is 100% legal (unlike other markets outside of Google) and has the approval of all of the developers that appear there.

– Uptodown is focused solely on applications without other distracting content like movies, music, or books.

– We are the most used market alternative to GPlay in the world (audited by Alexa).

Let us help you by giving access to your app from Uptodown, alongside your Google Play link:





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