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There is something worse than the internet becoming TV

… the internet becoming an App Store. As you probably don’t know, iFixit App was recently pulled from Apple’s Store. One more example of how Google (Europe Challenges Google, Seeing Violations of Its Antitrust Law) and Apple have taken control over the content you consume. And that would not be a problem if 80% of…

Entrevista en la COPE

Ayer le dimos un repaso a la industria de aplicaciones móviles y su futuro, Google Play, mencionamos – como no – a VirusTotal :), he hecho mio el discurso de Bernardo quintero sobre creadores/consumidores de tecnología y la programación entre los pequeños. Son solo diez minutos:

Why we bother to exist

A lot of people are still asking me WHY we need something like and why we bother to exist if they have Google Play. The short answer is OPENNESS, but what does that means? Every Content. Limitless apps, betting apps, multimedia apps, and competitors from any sector or area. Every Country. Completely free and…