First month in Boston

But feels like a year of growth, personal and professional. This experience is really changing me and the company. Let me start saying that luckily our love for the users is being corresponded, last 30 days traffic:

Traffic Oc

Yes, it is awesome how the community is responding. I cannot stop saying thanks.

While this is happening, our circle in Boston is getting bigger. To the Tomas, Kris and Sagar sessions have joined people like Matt Hurley @matt_h_hurley, shit this guy is amazing. Product, marketing, he is helping me a lot to reach a new level in communication, Techstars demo day in Boston, MIT 100K pitch competition, a non stop training to defend our idea here in the US. Thanks man for being part of this.

Matt and me VentureCafe

With Matt at VentureCafe, practicing the pitch :).

At the same time we are developing a new product to help to our great community of developers. Uptodown Launchpad, a new tool to collaborate with Harvard iLab, other Universities and incubators with interests in the software industry. An ambitious program to launch apps, help indie devs. and boost the visibility of the best apps in the world. All of them on the same ship. The open, simple, fast and unstoppable ship we are building here.

Marketing Platform Devs

For sure, I miss a lot my team. What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg, follow them to know how an awesome group of talented people work and make Uptodown the third most popular place to find and download apps in the world :)


The best is yet to come, two more months of surprises, new passionate people to know and a lot of news to give.

Boston’s First Contact

Culture of innovation, mentorship, and fun.

The intersection of innovation and education.

These are some of the things we were looking for, and that’s exactly what we are finding thanks to the people behind Datventure; Tomás Ratia, Sagar Desai, Kristofer Mondlaine, Ricardo Garcia, Javier Rivera (take a look at this @datventureguys).

Datventure working

First,, where we live here in Boston. No time for landing, no time to rest :), directly out of your confort zone, where the magic happens. It is a great place to live and have contact with other entrepreneurs, where you can work, learn, do your workouts (yeah, my living room is a Gym), watch some nerdy movies or be badly defeated by Mr Sagar Desai in pingpong.

nerdy movie

Then there is Harvard. Let start with the Harvard Innovation Center, WOW. There is where we work with thousand of post-its and Datventure. Yes, basically they think the only thing you need to stand a session of 8 hours making gantt charts is sugar. Luckily, Kris knows that beer is all that the body of an adult man needs :).


The next level is when you go to your first class at Harvard. It has a great atmosphere, so inspiring classes, it is an awesome place.


Again, on the business side of this experience, insane schedule; two days at the Microsoft NERD building, networking at the VentureCafe, MIT events, meeting with advisors, potential mentors, Efron… yep, all this in the same WEEK.